Moneylion Inc, a short term loans provider. The company managed to release,,

As a Head of IT Infrastructure, I have architected the expansion of AWS server environment, increasing and safe guarding up to 60 servers. Setup and ensuring information technology security policy are created accordingly and followed through.

Transform the Dev Team into Agile Teamwork. Some of the implementation introduces are such as Atlasssian Jira which use Kanban and Scrum. Continuos Integration which automates the build, test and deployment process using Atlasssian Bamboo, and finally Code management using Atlassian Bitbucket git repository.

I also extended my knowledge into setting up Realtime Business Intelligence service. My approach was to use ElasticSearch Clusters and Kibana reporting tools. This tools help data-analytic to analyze data and build reports on realtime.

Tech stack: Atlassian Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Java, Maven, MongoDB, PCI, AWS, Debian, DuoSecurity, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logentries, NewRelic

I worked on, a provider of fixed-odd financial contracts, as an employee of Regent Markets (the site’s owner) for seven years. The service has a large user base, and I worked to maintaining the system and bring it forward.

I learned a lot about the dynamics of a system engineering during my time there, from how to have the discipline to writing quality perl code, to the difficulties of managing and keeping over 50 servers secure all around the world.

Definitely my pragmatism, attitude toward Getting Things Done.

Tech stack: Perl, Bash, CouchDB, PCI, OpenVZ, Apache2_Modperl, Nginx_SSL_Proxy, AWS, OpenVPN, Scrum, Samange, Jira, Git, Debian, Centos

I joined Bizarre Marketing as a web developer. I worked on a part-time jobbing site.

Tech stack: PHP, Mysql, Redhat, Apache

I start my web development career in Genusis Consultancy building web service. This is where I was introduce to open source. I quickly fall in love with the technology and the simplicity of the services.

Project involved:

  • - Online sms system (B2B)
  • - CMS Portal with free daily sms
  • - Mobile Content Downloads via sms

Tech stack: PHP, Mysql, Redhat, Apache, Bind